Wisconsin Travel Trailers for Sale


If an adventure-ready travel trailer for sale is on your shopping list, you’ve come to the right place. When you visit Ewald Airstream, you’ll be able to explore a stunning inventory that includes all kinds of well-equipped Airstream models. We are proud to be known as one of the leading RV dealers in Wisconsin because we make it easy to hit the road with the Airstream that you’ve always wanted. From the incredible line of travel trailers to the all-inclusive Airstream Rangeline for sale, there’s no shortage of great options at Ewald Airstream.


How do people afford Airstream?


Airstream models have remained popular with road travelers across the nation for decades. With legendary quality and smart designs, an Airstream travel trailer for sale has the potential to completely change the way you travel. However, the incredible craftsmanship, dependability, and features that Airstream is known for means that they come at a higher price than other RV options. So how do people afford Airstreams? If you are looking to get into the Airstream lifestyle on a budget, here are some tips that can help you get there. 


  • Explore Airstream financing options to take home a model you’ll love with an affordable monthly payment.

  • Consider shopping for used Airstreams for sale to save money on your purchase.

  • Increase your down payment to lower your monthly payment and interest fees for Airstream financing.

  • Choose a smaller model that can bring tons of Airstream benefits at a lower price.


What is the least expensive Airstream?


Airstream offers several models that can help you enjoy the great outdoors at a more affordable price. Check out the most budget-friendly Airstream models below to see which one calls to you. While these models might be light on price, they’re by no means light on features!


  • Airstream Basecamp - The Basecamp is a perfect introduction to the Airstream lifestyle with a compact and easy to tow design. If you’re looking for an Airstream model that you can take off the beaten path, then the basecamp could be the perfect fit. This option is designed to help you reach more remote destinations with ease, so you can stay as close to the action as possible. The starting price of the Airstream Basecamp is just $46,000.


  • Airstream Bambi - With sizes ranging from 16’ to 24’ and a starting price of $59,300, the Airstream Bambi has become one of the most popular options in the lineup. It’s hard to beat the value that you can enjoy with this travel trailer for sale. The Bambi can sleep up to four passengers and is offered with your choice of four inspiring floor plans.


  • Airstream Caravel Coming in with a starting price of $74,000, the Airstream Caravel provides comfortable accommodations for up to four, sizes ranging for 16’ to 22’. It brings tons of premium interior and exterior amenities to help you travel in style and comfort.


Are older Airstreams worth it?


Airstream has been producing some of the most dependable and finely-crafted travel trailers for decades. Is taking home an older used Airstream for sale worth it? Absolutely! Buying an older Airstream is an excellent way to save money while enjoying many of the same advantages that newer models can provide. With 60 to 70 percent of all Airstreams ever produced still on the road, you can feel confident that an older Airstream used travel trailer for sale will be able to serve you well.


How many years can you finance an Airstream?


When it comes to finding the right Airstream financing options, you may be wondering how many years an Airstream can be financed for. Because purchasing an Airstream is a major investment - similar to buying a second home in many cases - Airstream financing is offered with terms of up to 20 years. Rest assured that Ewald Airstream knows how to help you find the right financing plan for your specific situation. We’re happy to work with you in order to secure financing that will get you on the road with a new or used Airstream for sale, all with a monthly payment that you can afford.


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