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Are you ready to explore the great outdoors like never before? With the new REI Basecamp Special Edition, you’ll be able to make the most out of every adventure. This model is designed from the ground up to serve the needs of those with active lifestyles. Whether you’re enjoying local campgrounds or setting off on a cross-country trip - you’ll be ready for anything with the REI Basecamp Special Edition in tow.

Like all Airstream models, the REI Co-Op Special Edition Airstream features the outstanding craftsmanship and quality materials that have made these trailers a household name. It features a sleek and stunning design inside and out, complete with REI badging that is sure to turn heads whether you’re heading down the highway or hanging out at camp. These campers for sale will feature heaps of useful amenities to help you make the most of your time away from home - including a collection of REI Co-Op kit items. Ready to learn more about the REI Co-Op Special Edition Airstream and everything that it can do? Keep reading to learn more.

Lightweight and Easy to Tow

One of the best aspects of the REI Basecamp Special Edition is how lightweight and easy it is to tow! It’s made to pair with a wide range of tow vehicles including pickup trucks and many mid-size SUVs. This way, you won’t need to upgrade your vehicle to enjoy everything that the REI Basecamp has to offer.

This special edition Basecamp features a 1 axle design, allowing you to tow it to more remote destinations that would be hard to reach with other campers. This way, you can set up camp as close to your adventures as possible. Measuring 16’ in total length, the REI Basecamp can easily fit into crowded camp sites and parking lots - offering unparalleled convenience while you’re traveling away from home.

Designed and Built for Sustainability

A unique feature of the REI Basecamp is its sustainability focused design and construction. What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than by taking home a travel trailer for sale that honors our natural environment through the use of sustainably sourced materials? When you choose an REI Co-Op Special Edition Airstream Basecamp, you can feel good knowing that it offers features geared toward sustainability, including:

  • Post Consumer Recycled Materials

  • Composting Toilet Option

  • UV-LED Water Filtration System

  • Recirculating Water Heater

  • Solar Package

Flexible and Functional Floorplan

Despite its compact size, the interior of the REI Basecamp brings a ton of flexibility and utility for you to enjoy on the road. The innovative floorplan offers the perfect environment to relax after a long day spent off the grid. With a convertible living space, the interior can go from a comfortable sleeping area and bed to a fully functional workspace in seconds.

That’s not all - because the interior of this special edition Airstream for sale is also filled with useful utility features, smart storage solutions, and offers a nature-inspired design. There’s a combination toilet and shower that allows you to freshen up after every adventure, a well-equipped kitchen to help you prepare delicious meals, and plenty of charge points thoughtfully placed throughout the interior.

Spend More Time Off The Grid

Why have your adventures cut short when you don’t have to? The REI Basecamp campers for sale are designed to help you extend your time off the grid for as long as possible. They do this with the inclusion of exterior adhesive solar panels which cover almost the entire roof of the trailer. This way, you won’t need to rely on shore power to keep your active lifestyle powered up. Features include:

  • Available 360 Watts of Solar Power

  • Optional 200Ah lithium battery tank

  • Merlin Solar Panels

Rugged and Resilient Exterior

The REI Co-Op Special Edition Basecamp brings the iconic aluminum construction that Airstream trailers are known for - and it also offers a number of unique design elements and rugged features to help you explore with confidence. The X Package comes standard on the REI Basecamp, offering a 3” lift along with more aggressive off-road capable tires. This will allow you to handle more rugged terrain and take your adventures as far as possible. Also included is an exterior shower, perfect for rinsing off your gear - along with front rock guards to help protect the exterior from road debris. With a rear hatch door, it’s easy to load your gear in and out. 

Check Out the REI Basecamp at Ewald Airstream

Can’t wait to get your hands on one of these impressive special edition campers for sale? The REI Basecamp Special Edition is coming to Ewald Airstream in 2023. It’s poised to be one of the most capable adventure trailers for travelers dedicated to the outdoors. Want to be one of the first to know when this model is available at our Wisconsin RV dealer? Get in touch with us today to learn more! When you work with Ewald Airstream, taking home outstanding campers for sale in Wisconsin is easy. 

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