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How To Winterize Your Airstream


How To Winterize Your Airstream


 The beginning of winter means the end of the camping season. For many, winter is also the start of winterizing an Airstream. Professionals like Ewald's Airstream of Wisconsin can help prepare campers for sale for the approaching winter months. 

 With our in-depth manual, you won't need to hire an RV service to prepare your Airstream for the winter. Drain the water supply, rinse the fresh water tank, and add RV antifreeze per these instructions.


How to ready your travel trailer for the winter:


 • Make sure the Airstream trailers are horizontally and vertically level. Throw open the taps.

 • Activate the water pump by flipping its switch to the "ON" position to release water from the tank.

 • Release any stagnant water by turning on the outside water service valve and any other drain valves.

 • Flush the toilet while the water is drained from the system. It would be best to hold the spray head inside the bowl while the hand spray lever is depressed. 

 • After emptying the tank's water, turn off the pump.

 • Detach the water pump's discharge hose.

 • Remove the plug and turn the valve to winterizing position if your unit has a winterization kit. 

 • It would help if you lowered the Airstream camper's front end as far as the jack will go until the water stops draining and then raised the jack as far as it will go to let any residual water escape.

 • When the water has ceased dripping from the drain lines, pressurize the city water supply to 50 psi. You can get an air-to-city water adapter from your Wisconsin RV dealer's accessory store or Airstream Supply Company.

 • Turn off the pump and unhook the outlet hose before opening the toilet valve, sink, and shower drains. You can do this at any gas station to flush out the water heater and eliminate any standing water.

 • To avoid frozen traps in the bathroom, kitchen sink, and shower, pour one cup of RV antifreeze tested and found safe by an independent organization like Underwriters Laboratories down each drain.

 • Ensure the sewage tanks' drain valves are wide open and that the tanks are completely drained and flushed while winterizing an Airstream.

 • The batteries in your Airstream Trailers should be taken out and stored in a dry, cold place where they won't freeze. If you want your batteries to last, you should check on them regularly and keep them charged.

 • Remove any perishables (food, cosmetics, etc.) from the interior of the travel trailer that could be harmed by freezing or cause damage to the trailer if their containers break.


Winterize your camper at Ewald’s Airstream of Wisconsin


 Preparing your Airstream Trailers for winter can ensure that they are in good working order come spring. Visit our website or contact us today if you are looking for travel trailers for sale in Wisconsin. If you want help winterizing an Airstream, Ewald's Airstream of Wisconsin can help.

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