Campers For Sale Milwaukee


Campers For Sale Milwaukee

If you are searching for campers for sale near Milwaukee, look no further than Ewald Airstream of Wisconsin. We are a locally owned camper dealer that has helped thousands of people find and finance their perfect camper. Learn more about our inventory and shopping process below.

Model Length Axles Floor Plan Options Sleeps Up To:
Airstream Basecamp 16 to 20 feet 1 2 4
Airstream Bamb 16 to 22 feet 1 4 4
Airstream Caravel 16 to 22 feet 1 4 4
Airstream Flying Cloud 23 to 30 feet 2 13 4-8
Airstream International 23 to 30 feet 2 11 4-6
Airstream Globetrotter 25 to 30 feet 2 6 6
Airstream Classic 30 to 33 feet 2 4 5

Is It Worth Owning A Travel Trailer?

Is owning a travel trailer worth it? Maybe this is a question you’ve had for a while or something you recently started thinking of. But there are some advantages to owning a camper:

  • Budget-Friendly. While the initial cost of a camper is significant, you can save a lot of money when not using hotels, rental cars, or eating out while on vacation.
  • Versatility. A travel trailer gives you the flexibility to travel as you want to. And you have the freedom to choose where you are staying.
  • Pet-Friendly Travel. You don’t have to leave your pets at home anymore. RVing lets you travel with your pets.

What Is So Special About Airstream Trailers?

When you are looking for campers for sale near Milwaukee, Airstream trailers might be the first to come to mind. Why? They have a distinctive exterior and an outstanding reputation for quality. But, that’s not everything that makes them special–below are some other things that set Airstreams apart:

  • Aluminum body. The shell of an Airstream camper is made from high-quality “aircraft grade” aluminum to last. You won’t find other travel trailers for sale in Wisconsin as durable as an Airstream.
  • Easy-to-tow. Due to the aluminum body, an Airstream is a much lighter weight than other campers for sale in Wisconsin. That makes them easier to tow.
  • Legendary brand. Airstream is a distinctly American brand–Airstream campers have been built in Ohio since 1952.
  • Quality components. Airstream makes its cabinetry and furniture from high-quality materials to fit the unique shape. Other components inside and out are much higher quality than other campers.

Are Airstreams Easy To Tow?

Yes, Airstreams are easy to tow using your car, SUV, or truck. However, if you get to the two-axle Airstream campers, we recommend that you use a larger SUV or truck to tow it.

Do Airstream Trailers Hold Their Value?

Most campers for sale in Wisconsin depreciate within the first few years of ownership–much like cars, trucks, and SUVs. But, you can expect your Airstream camper to hold its value while providing comfort and durability for years to come.

Where To Buy Travel Trailers?

When you start shopping for travel trailers for sale in Wisconsin, where do you plan on buying them from? You have several options: an auction, private sale, or camper dealers in Wisconsin. However, when you buy from camper dealers in Wisconsin like Ewald Airstream, you get a unique experience that can’t be duplicated. Here’s why:

  • Protected. Ewald Airstream of Wisconsin offers a variety of warranties to give our customers an added layer of protection. You don’t get that at other places where you can buy campers for sale near Milwaukee.
  • Convenient. Our dealership offers a wide-ranging inventory of campers for sale near Milwaukee. So, you won’t have to travel all over looking for the perfect camper.
  • Affordable. We offer trade in and other financing options to make purchasing an Airstream camper more affordable. Just reach out to one of our financing specialists to see what we currently have to offer.

Can You Live In A Travel Trailer?

Yes, you can live in a travel trailer year-round. Airstream insulates each of their travel trailers to ensure that you are comfortable inside regardless of temperature.

Winters are easy in your Airstream camper due to the many features curated for winter weather. For example, all plumbing and water tanks are enclosed in a heated compartment, so your plumbing components don’t freeze.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Travel Trailer?

When you start shopping for an Airstream, there are a few things to consider. They are listed below:

  • How big of a travel trailer can you tow? We recommend that you only tow 80% of the maximum towing capacity of your SUV or truck. That way, you can have better gas mileage and a better driving experience with these campers for sale near Milwaukee.
  • Think 3-5 years ahead when choosing a size. If you are planning on having kids in the future or regularly having guests while traveling, it could be beneficial to get a larger Airstream camper. That way, you can have it for years to come instead of upgrading to a larger model quickly.
  • How much kitchen space do you need? Some people love to cook, while others like to eat out while traveling. Pick a camper that fits your needs and has enough space for you.

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