Introducing the Nomad Solar Energy Package: Exclusively at Ewald’s Airstream of Wisconsin

Calling all off-grid adventurers! The Nomad package is a revolutionary Airstream solar-energy system created and offered exclusively by Ewald’s Airstream of Wisconsin. This package empowers you to explore the great outdoors without compromising on comfort or convenience. Equipped with a state-of-the-art off-grid solar power system, you can venture beyond the reach of traditional power sources and enjoy the freedom of the open road. Best of all - the Nomad package can be installed on any of our new or used Airstream models!

Unleash the Power of Solar Energy

At the heart of the Nomad package’s off-grid capabilities lies an impressive solar energy system. You can harness the power of the sun to generate ample electricity for your Airstream RV's needs. Solar features include:


  • Six 100W Merlin Solar Flex Panels

  • Two Portable 400W Solar Panels

  • Victron MPPT 100/50 SmartSolar Charge Controller for Ground Based Solar

Advanced Battery Technology for Extended Off-Grid Living

The Nomad package features a powerful inverter/charger that provides both AC and DC power, ensuring that you have access to reliable power even when off-grid for extended periods. Features of this system include:

  • MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V VE.Bus

  • 2-12V 460Ah LiFePO4 Lithium Battery With 250A BMS

  • 5120Wh Usable Energy


Intelligent Power Management Designed for Efficiency

To ensure efficient and seamless power management, the Nomad package incorporates an advanced Victron Energy System. These components work together to optimize energy usage, prevent battery overcharging, and provide real-time monitoring of your power system. This system includes:


  • Victron Cerbo GX Monitor

  • Victron GX Touch 70

  • Victron SmartShunt 500A/50mV

  • Lynx Distributor 1000

  • Victron Orion-TR Smart 12/12-30A DC Non-Isolated

Battery Heaters Controlled for Optimal Performance

The Nomad package’s battery heaters are controlled by Cerbo with a battery temperature sensor, ensuring that your batteries remain at the optimal operating temperature regardless of external conditions. Whether you're boondocking in snowy mountains or enjoying winter serenity in the Northwoods - you can feel confident that your batteries will stay at the ideal temperature.

Experience Off-Grid Living in Luxury


The Nomad package is not just about off-grid capabilities; it's also about providing you with a luxurious and comfortable travel experience. Utilizing state of the art technology and a hidden battery, the Nomad package delivers outstanding solar-powered capabilities while remaining discreet. This package enhances the independence that you can enjoy in your Airstream travel trailer - giving you the perfect home away from home for your off-grid adventures.

Go Solar with Nomad: Exclusively at Ewald's Airstream

Ewald's Airstream is proud to be your exclusive source for the Nomad package, a revolutionary power system that redefines off-grid living. You can add this package as an option for any of our new or used Airstream trailers - or schedule an appointment to have it installed in your current rig! Call us or visit our Airstream dealership today to learn more about this incredible package, and experience the future of off-grid travel.




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