Boondocking like a Pro: Conserving Water In Your Airstream

Boondocking like a Pro


You’ve done your research and brought home the perfect travel trailer for sale to fit your travel needs. Now the question is - where will you stay while on the road? Staying at RV resorts and designated campsites is great, but sometimes you might feel the urge to stray further off the beaten path. Whether you’re camping in Milwaukee or taking a cross-country trip - some of the most breathtaking sights are located far from the interstate in more remote locations. To enjoy more open space and adventures in scenic environments, many Airstream owners choose to forego established campsites and boondock their campers in more remote areas.

What is Boondocking?

Boondocking is simply camping in locations without facilities for water, electricity, and sewer present. It offers more freedom, because campers aren’t limited to designated campsites. Boondocking can allow you to get closer to the action and immerse yourself in natural wonder.

Of course, the major downside to boondocking is the lack of infrastructure to support extended stay. When you boondock on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land or other secluded sites, you’ll need to bring everything that you need along with you.

No matter which one of the Airstream travel trailers for sale you choose - water is a finite resource that can run out faster than you’d think. That’s why it’s so crucial to conserve water as much as possible when boondocking in small travel trailers.

Learning the art of water conservation for boondocking may seem challenging, but it’s really quite simple. By practicing good water use habits and planning ahead - you can extend your boondocking stays for as long as possible.

10 Tips to Conserve Water While Boondocking in an Airstream

  • Bring extra drinking water.

By investing in large drinking water jugs, you can keep the water in your Airstream’s fresh water tank free for other uses. The amount that you’ll need to bring with you depends on a number of factors. It’s important to plan ahead and consider the number of people and pets accompanying you, as well as the weather conditions and any activities or adventures that you have planned.

  • Shower less or not at all.

Showering daily can quickly deplete your water supply - especially with multiple people. That’s why for extended stays it’s best to limit the number of showers that you take or don’t shower at all! Instead, make use of baby wipes or sponge baths to freshen up.

  • Don’t leave the tap running.

Every time you turn on the tap, be careful to only use the smallest amount of water that you need to accomplish the task at hand. Be sure not to leave it running while brushing your teeth, washing dishes, or washing your hands.

  • Use fewer dishes.

The fewer dishes you use to prepare meals and eat, the more water you’ll save. Rinsing dishes is a major use of water in an Airstream, so if you can find ways to reuse the same dish multiple times the water savings can really add up!

  • Stick with dry and canned foods. 

Many foods like pasta require quite a lot of water to prepare. To conserve water and make sure that your boondocking stay can last as long possible, we recommend eating dry foods and things that don’t need to be cooked (and therefore cleaned) - like sandwiches, fruit, and granola bars. Canned foods like soups are also a good option - because all the water you’ll need is already in the can!

  • Collect excess water.

If you’re forced to run the tap while waiting for water to heat up, you can collect the excess in a jug or other container to use later. This way, you can use it for things like brushing your teeth, wetting dishes before scrubbing, or flushing the toilet.

  • Scrape dishes immediately after use. 

    Stuck on food can take quite a lot of rinsing and scrubbing to get clean - which 

    means more water usage. That’s why we recommend that those boondocking in    

    Airstream trailers scrape their dishes into the garbage right away, before sauces 

    and other liquids have a chance to dry and solidify. You can also use a paper

    towel or washcloth to wipe down dishes to cut down on the amount of scrubbing 

    needed later.

  • Use a Rinse Cup.

Whether shaving or brushing your teeth, using a rinse cup can seriously cut down on your water usage. With this method , you’ll find that it really doesn’t require all that much water to rinse your razor or toothbrush. Simply fill up a cup halfway and you’re good to go.

  • Flush your toilet less. 

Flushing your toilet often can do a real number on your water supply. If you’re comfortable with it, consider only flushing the toilet when there’s solid waste. 

To really limit your water usage, some boondockers may opt to relieve themselves outside. Digging a hole to do your business is a tried-and-tested method that has been used by campers and boondockers for generations - just make sure that any neighbors and companions are comfortable with this.

  • Don’t Flush Toilet Paper

    Rather than using water to flush your toilet paper down the drain, boondockers

    can conserve by instead placing used toilet paper into a plastic bag or a small

    covered trash can with a lid and liner to dispose of later.

Boondocking Travel Trailers for Sale

Are you looking to take home an Airstream travel trailer for sale that will allow you to take extended boondocking trips to far-off campsites? Ewald Airstream can help! We supply campers for sale in Milwaukee that offer high-capacity water tanks that will allow you to get away and stay away for as long as possible. From small travel trailers to large and luxurious models, there are plenty of options that are designed with boondocking in mind.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect boondocking Airstream for sale - allow our team to help you find it. To get started, you can browse through all of our in-stock travel trailers for sale here on our site. Of course, the best way to tell which Airstream trailers will best satisfy your boondocking needs is to come explore them in person! When you’re ready to compare travel trailers for sale up close, head over to Ewald Airstream.

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