Airstream Rangeline Interiors

Have you been thinking of investing in an Airstream motor home? Airstream has a longstanding reputation for producing top-quality RVs for sale near Milwaukee, and their selection of touring coach models features the same outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail! 

One of the most sought-after touring coaches on the market is the Airstream Rangeline, and it’s not hard to see why drivers from all across the nation want to get their hands on one. One big reason for the popularity of the Airstream Rangeline is the upscale and feature-packed interior that this model offers. Keep reading to learn all about the amenities and interior options found inside this best-selling Airstream motorhome. 


What Makes the Airstream Rangeline So Special?

Take one step inside of the Airstream Rangeline and you’ll immediately notice that this isn’t your average touring coach. With premium materials throughout the cabin and plenty of useful features, the Rangeline allows you to bring the comforts of home along for all of your adventures. When you take home a Rangeline of your own, you’ll enjoy:

  • A Spacious and Comfortable Cabin

  • Standard Seating for Four Sleeping Space for Two

  • Premium Interior Materials and Finishes


Does the Airstream Rangeline Have a Bathroom?

Yes, the Airstream Rangeline includes a fully functional bathroom, so you won’t need to make any detours in order to freshen up. The all-in-one wet bath found inside the Rangeline features a wet bath with toilet and shower located in one place. This saves space to make the best possible use of the Rangeline’s floor plan. 


Can You Shower in an Airstream Rangeline?

The all-in-one wet bath in the Airstream Rangeline includes a shower with a detachable head inside the wet bath. This configuration makes it possible for you to shower off after a long day, while also saving space. Since the shower and toilet area are contained in the same space within the Airstream interior bathroom, the Rangeline also has a covered toilet paper holder. A tambour door allows easy access to the wet bath for the most efficient use of space. 


How Long will an Airstream Rangeline Last?

The Airstream Rangeline is built on the Ram Promaster platform, one of the most long-lasting vans out there. Owners can look forward to up to 200,000 miles of use with an Airstream Rangeline. Of course, in order to make sure that your Rangeline lasts as long as possible, it’s important to take proper care of the vehicle and keep up to date with regular maintenance. 


Explore the Rangeline at Ewald Airstream

Are you ready to get an up close look at the Airstream Rangeline? If so, make Ewald Airstream your destination. We’re proud to be Wisconsin’s leading source for Airstream travel trailer and motorhomes. When you take a step inside this Airstream motor home interior, you’ll be amazed by the intelligently designed floor plan and the wide variety of features that it offers. Come check out the options available at our Wisconsin RV dealer today!

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