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Should You Choose the Airstream Basecamp or Bambi? Choosing Your Perfect Small Travel Trailer


The lure of the open road and the freedom of self-contained travel beckons many. But not everyone desires a behemoth RV or a bulky trailer. For those seeking adventure in a compact package, Airstream offers two incredible options: the Airstream Basecamp and the Airstream Bambi. Both are small travel trailers renowned for quality and design, but they cater to slightly different travel styles. As your trusted Wisconsin Airstream dealer, Ewald's Airstream is here to help you navigate the key features and functionalities of the Basecamp and Bambi to determine which one aligns perfectly with your travel dreams.

Embracing Adventure: Unveiling the Airstream Basecamp

The Basecamp is the ultimate adventurer's companion. This aerodynamic marvel prioritizes functionality for outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Designed for Exploration: With a focus on durability and lightweight construction, the Basecamp is ideal for off-road adventures and frequent towing. Its compact size allows easy navigation on narrow roads and campsites with limited space.

  • Sleeping Arrangements: The Basecamp offers convertible sleeping arrangements – the dinette area transforms into a comfy bed, perfect for couples or solo travelers.

  • Focus on Simplicity: The Basecamp prioritizes essential amenities over extensive living space. It boasts a wet bath with a toilet and shower, a compact galley with a sink and cooktop, and ample storage solutions.

A Touch of Luxury: Exploring the Airstream Bambi

The Bambi embodies classic Airstream style with a touch of modern luxury. This small travel trailer is ideal for those who appreciate comfort alongside exploration.

  • A Home Away from Home: The Bambi offers a more residential feel with comfortable sleeping arrangements, including dedicated queen or twin beds in some models.

  • Ample Living Space: Compared to the Basecamp, the Bambi boasts a more spacious interior with designated living and sleeping areas. This allows for a more comfortable experience, especially for longer trips.

  • Elevated Amenities: The Bambi features a well-equipped galley with a microwave and refrigerator in most models, along with a wet bath with a toilet and shower.

The Perfect Choice for You

Ultimately, the ideal trailer hinges on your travel style. Here's a quick guide:

  • Choose the Basecamp if: You prioritize adventure, off-road exploration, and value a minimalist living space.

  • Choose the Bambi if: You desire a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience with dedicated sleeping areas and amenities.

Airstream Basecamp Vs Airstream Bambi FAQs

Q: What are the towing requirements for these trailers?

A: Both the Basecamp and Bambi are lightweight and towable by most SUVs and trucks. However, it's crucial to check your vehicle's towing capacity and ensure it exceeds the weight of the trailer you choose.

Q: Where can I find Airstream trailers for sale near me?

A: Ewald's Airstream of Wisconsin is your one-stop shop for all things Airstream! We offer a wide selection of new Airstream models along with plenty of pre-owned Airstream trailers, including the Basecamp and Bambi models. Visit us today or browse our inventory online.

Q: Can I customize Airstream trailers?

A: Airstream offers a variety of customization options to personalize your trailer and make it your own. Get in touch with the Ewald's Airstream team to learn more about available customizations.

Ready to Hit the Road with Your Dream Trailer?

We we've helped clarify the distinctions between the Airstream Basecamp and Bambi. No matter which model resonates with you, both represent the pinnacle of quality and design in the world of small travel trailers. Visit Ewald's Airstream of Wisconsin to explore our inventory and find the perfect trailer to launch your next adventure!

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