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O See What You Can See

Published July 28, 2017


O See What You Can See

There are plenty of amazing sights that will let you have the look at what’s out in the different areas of this country but you have to see it the right way.  The only way you’ll enjoy and see the different areas of the country you want to is with the Airstream Serenity travel trailer that you can find at Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI.  This is the location you’ll have the right cost for you to make this the home away from home you’ll love as you head out from Illinois.

Let me suggest some great places for you to take your Airstream Serenity that you purchased at an affordable cost to be the right travel trailer to take from Illinois on a road trip:

The Natchez Trace Parkway – This is a drive that can take you across 440 miles of great driving through Mississippi.  This parkway extends north from the Mississippi River to the Alabama border and on to Nashville.  Drive your Airstream Serenity along this parkway that won’t cost you to drive this trail.  You’ll love the stories and the descriptions you can offers your friends back in Illinois.

You Must have Lobster – When in Maine you must eat lobster.  It seems like a law in this state, and it’s one you certainly won’t regret.  Take your Airstream Serenity to this northeastern state to try some of the best lobster you’ll find anywhere.  The cost; your taste buds won’t want any other lobster ever again.  You can certainly share the stories and describe the flavors to your friends in Illinois after you have this amazing feast.

Drive an Indy Car – Head to the Brickyard at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and drive an Indy Car, which can be an item you can check off your bucket list.  Take your Airstream Serenity to this area and realize this will only cost you a small amount to get behind the wheel and turn some fast laps that you can tell your friends and family about when you get back to Illinois.

A Craft Beer Stop – A drive to the tiny town of Milton, Delaware is worth the ride to be able to visit the headquarters of Dogfish Head brewery.  This is the place where you’re going to have the enjoyment of sampling some of this impressive beer that you want to sample.  Drive your Airstream Serenity to this brewery and enjoy the low cost of the tour and the beer that you can share with your friends back home in Illinois.

Antelope Canyon – While the Grand Canyon is the most well-known in Arizona, the Antelope Canyon which is in the northeastern part of Arizona is an absolutely gorgeous spectacle of colors.  Drive your Airstream Serenity to this location and explore the area.  This no cost view is perfect for you and will certainly require you brings some pictures back to show your friends that are in Illinois.

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