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Another Way to Travel

Published August 26, 2017


Another Way to Travel

When most of us think about taking a vacation we consider all the details involved including the home we’re leaving behind, the pets we may need to house while we’re gone, the airfare, the rental car, the hotel and the dining.  Most of this covers the basics of where we want to go, but the fact is most of this can be solved and addressed by choosing an Airstream RV that can be the right way to start our adventures from Chicago to wherever we need to go out on the road.

Think about it; with an Airstream RV from Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI you’ll be able to drive where you want to go, have the food you want to prepare for you, have a place to lay your head and take a shower wherever you go, and even have a place for your pets.  This RV can also be set up to pull your car along with it so that when you arrive at your location, you’ll be able to drive your own car rather than dealing with the extra cost of a rental car, making the travels from Chicago right for you.

Not only is the choice to use an Airstream RV one that makes it easy for you to head out from Chicago to be able to enjoy the travels and see more of the country from the roads that you travel, but you can stop along the way and see what different areas have to offer.  We’ve all heard the saying “take time to stop and smell the roses” in your RV you can do just that and might find some favorites when it comes to where you can stop and visit to check out what’s being offered at a roadside stand or along the route you’re headed on.

When you do stop at the campground you’ll be spending time at, you can enjoy parking your Airstream RV and unhook the car you brought from Chicago to be able to drive around the location you choose and see what the area has to offer.  You can take an EV model car with your or a small hatchback and not have to try and maneuver a large pickup truck on small roads.  This is one of the advantages to traveling with your RV rather than a pickup truck with a travel trailer being pulled behind.

Solve your travel woes and make the short drive to Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI to check out the different Airstream RV models you can choose for the driving you want to enjoy from Chicago to the destination of your choosing.  Once you choose the right RV for you, it will be time for you to make your way out on the roads that you want to enjoy driving along the way to the fun place you’ve chosen for your vacation.  With one of these RV models, the journey really can be a large part of the adventure.


Stock #:
23' 9
13,500 BTU
Ebony with Espresso Ultraleath
Franklin, WI
Ewald Price:  
$415.40 / month*
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