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Time for an RV Tour

Published June 29, 2017


Time for an RV Tour         

If you have the urge to head out on the road and see the country that surrounds you it’s time to buy the vehicle that will allow you to have the ride and the comfort you want.  Come in and see the team at Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI and let them help you have the Airstream Interstate Grand Tour model you want to drive from Chicago to see the sights.  This RV is the one you can have for the traveling you want to do; check out some of the interesting things you can see:

The Gates of Guinee – There is believed to be the gates to the voodoo underworld located in the French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana. There isn’t just one set of gates either, its rumored there are seven located throughout the city which means the voodoo world could move around the city with ease.  Take your Airstream Interstate Grand Tour model from Chicago to see this area and have a lot of fun in New Orleans.

International Cyrptozoology Museum – In a world of strange and hidden objects, this is a museum located in Maine that offers you a collection of items that are part of the stories we’ve heard of the Yeti, Bigfoot, sea serpents and more that have never really been seen.  This could be a great place to visit along the way as you drive your Airstream Interstate Grand Tour from Chicago on your way to have a Maine lobster along the coast.

Ouija Board Headstone – The man who patented the Ouija Board is buried in Maine and his headstone resembles a large board.  The man was Elijah Bond and his headstone doesn’t depict his name, but it does offer you an excellent and interesting thing to see on your way through Maryland in your Airstream Interstate Grand Tour that you drive from Chicago to wherever you’re headed for your adventures.

The Witch House of Salem – This is probably one of the most famous locations to visit in the New England area.  Located in Salem, Massachusetts this Witch House is the last standing structure that has any direct ties to the Salem Witch Trials that took place in 1692.  Take a ride in your Airstream Interstate Grand Tour from Chicago to see this house and examine that way it’s been preserved and displays the history.

Hell, Michigan – This is an actual place in Michigan and you can take your Airstream Interstate Grand Tour there from Chicago to check it out.  This is a small town that was established in 1838 and it was built from when the first settler began to pay farmers for the grain with whiskey that was offered.  This town carries a slogan such as “Go to Hell…Michigan” which is an interesting way to have a town.

Drive the Airstream Interstate Grand Tour you’ve bought at Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI and head from Chicago to any of these locations along the way for a great view of what you want to see of this country.


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