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Choose the Right Airstream for You

Published September 28, 2017


Choose the Right Airstream for You

if you’re ready to head out on the roads in the US to see what this great expanse of country offers you, it’s time to see the team at Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI.  This is where you’re going to find the travel trailer or RV that will be able to be your home on the road so that you can slow down and smell the roses along the way.  Choose the right model for you to take home to Chicago so that you can take the road trip you’ve been searching for.

Come in and pick out the right Airstream model that’s perfect for you to have the drive you want from Chicago to whatever destination you choose; here are a few suggestions for you:

Dinosaur Park – Go toward the north and you might expect to see Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, but just outside Rapid City, SD you’ll see Dinosaur Park.  This is an outdoor park that’s been around for a long time that offers you a look at some of the large reptilian sculptures that were made and put in this location.  Take your Airstream travel trailer from Chicago to see this attraction.

Forbidden Gardens – You might not think you could find a view of China in the US but if you drive with your Airstream travel trailer in tow from Chicago to Katy, TX to see these gardens.  With a Chinese look and flare you’ll have the view and look you want to enjoy.  This can be the perfect attraction for you to stop and enjoy on your travels toward the south.

General Sherman Tree – This massive tree was named for the General that led the march through the south during the Civil war and is the largest tree by volume in the world.  This is certainly worth a look when you pull your Airstream from Chicago and head to the Sequoia National Park in California to check out the trees and amazing creations that are offered in this forest.

Geographic Center of the US – The exact geographic center of the country is landmarked in Lebanon, KS to give you a place to go and let the world know you’re in the middle of the country.  The monument was erected in 1940 and is a place you may want to stop with your Airstream in tow from Chicago to the west to give you an amazing location to visit.

Golden Driller – Oil was found in Tulsa, OK and to mark this event and location a Golden Driller statue was erected in 1953.  This 22-ton concrete and iron statue of a man is a site you may want to see as you’re driving on the roads with your Airstream coming behind you on the road toward wherever you want to go from Chicago to the location you’ve chosen for your road trip.  Check out the selection at Ewald Airstream in Franklin, WI when you want the right model for your road trip fun.


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