For decades, Airstream travel trailers have been the go anywhere do anything trailers. With incredible durability and a simple but efficient design Airstream became a household name among many American families even as of today. However there was one little trailer that seemed to be the ultimate travel trailer in the Airstream Family, and that trailer was the Airstream Bambi. The term Bambi now refers to all Airstream trailers with single axles. However is was not long ago that the Airstream Bambi was, in fact, a single trailer that was considered the go anywhere, do anything I double dog dare you trailer. The Bambi was born in 1961 in response to the nationwide trend shorter, lighter and more fuel efficient vehicles and received its name the same year, during a caravan through Africa.

When Airstream founder Wally Byam learned of a little deer known for its strength and sure-footedness, called O’Mbambi in the Umbundu dialect of the Bantu language, he felt it only fitting that this small, sure-footed trailer should be the name as well and so the Bambi was born. The Bambi became known for its tow-ability and reliability, and just like its namesake, the Bambi Airstream trailer was sure-footed and agile, capable of ascending mountains or forging across even the most rugged of terrain. However in this day and age, the Bambi is no longer a single trailer, but instead, represents a whole line of travel trailers. The Bambi name lives on in the single axle travel trailers. Known for their compact design, ability to be moved from place to place and convenient features.

Trailers such as the Flying Cloud 20’, or the Sport 16’ perfect for small families and couples looking for a compact trailer with all of the creature comforts of a larger trailer. However just because these trailers are small does not mean that they lack any of the luxury and style that Airstream is known for. The Airstream Bambi line is ideal for first-time trailer owners who want to get a feel of how to tow and drive with a travel trailer, it's small, and compact design makes it a breeze to haul and at the time you might even forget the Bambi is behind you. Come to Ewald’s Airstream of Wisconsin and walk through one of the many single axle travel trailers and see what makes a Bambi trailer, the go anywhere and do anything trailer. Ewald’s Airstream of Wisconsin is located at 6319 S 108th St in Franklin, WI 53132.

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